Spring Fork Flower Craft

Since it is spring and we have been reading The Secret Garden I decided to do a cute flower craft with the kids today.


See my list of supplies worth buying from the Dollar Store.



1. Start by pouring out the different color paints onto a paper plate or piece of paper.


2. Next, dip the fork into the desired color until it is completely covered.


3. Press the fork down on the paper by rolling up from the bottom part of the fork and lifting up once the prongs hit the paper.


4. Continue doing this with all of the colors.


5. Then take a paint brush and paint the stems and grass.


6. Hang on your fridge for all to enjoy!


My kids really enjoyed making these flowers. My son decided to dip his fork into more than one color at a time and his flowers turned out really pretty. We had fun and I’m sure you will too!

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