Homeschooling with a Toddler Isn’t for the Weak

We started a new homeschool year at the beginning of September. I had a schedule made up and the classroom organized. I had grand plans to stay organized and on track and accomplish it all in the morning hours. This would be doable, but this is my first year homeschooling with a toddler ( 18 months to be exact)  in the mix. I’ll let you see a snapshot of the first homeschool day this year, it wasn’t pretty.

We started school the day after labor day. I had a morning Bible Study at church in the morning and thought that the baby would take a nap when we got home and the first day would go smoothly. Well, on this day my baby girl refused to take a nap. So, while I was trying to explain things to my older two, I was running upstairs trying to rock my toddler to sleep. She was not having it on that day. So, I brought her back downstairs and gave her some toys to play with. Nope! She wasn’t OK with that either. Instead, while I was busy helping my son with reading she colored all over the wall. While I was helping my daughter with math, she was throwing all the pencils and crayons on the floor. In between all of that she was crying because she was tired. To be honest, I was near tears myself because I had a great first day planned and it just didn’t go well. My kids were troopers though and we got everything done. My daughter assured me that she still had a great first day and that I am a great teacher. I have some pretty sweet and amazing kids.

The next day went much better and my toddler took a nap with no problem at all.  For the last few weeks, we started school with the toddler and she is getting better at entertaining herself with toys. Then, about half way through she takes a nap and we finish up. Every single day is different and some days are better than others, but we keep pushing forward and getting it done. I know that this is just for a season and next year will be easier because she will be older and less needy. I have decided to give myself and my kids grace this year and not stress out too much.

My advice to you if you  have a rambunctious toddler at home is to take it one day at a time. You can do it!  Our kids will learn in spite of us. Pray that God will give you extra doses of patience and kindness. I know I pray that every day. Here is to another adventurous month of school!

How has the beginning of your school year gone? What advice do you have for other parents? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I just saw this post on Reddit!

  2. Nicole Gilleland says:

    Ha ha ha yes pray for patience. Reading to get motivated for next year and I realize this will be me!! My youngest will be 16 months in the fall. Loving your blog Jennifer! 🙂

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