Craft Stick Owl Craft

Our craft today is a cute craft stick owl. Both of my kids thought this was very fun to make!


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1. Line up the craft sticks and put 3 lines of tape across the back.

2. Flip the sticks over and draw a triangle at the top of the craft sticks.

3. Paint the bottom section one color and the top another color.

4. Cut 2 circles out of construction paper ( we traced a water bottle lid for the circles)

5. Cut out 2 smaller circles out of a white construction paper ( we traced a glue stick lid)

6. Glue the white circle to the colored circle and glue a googly eye to the middle of each one.

7. Glue this right under the triangle section at the top.

8. Cut a triangle out of construction paper for the beak and glue it to the owl.

9. Glue 2 pom poms at the bottom of the owl

10. Cut 2 ovals out of construction paper and decorate with stickers or glitter. Glue them to the side of the owl.

11. You are done! Look at your cute owl! Display it for all to see! We had fun making these and I know you will too!


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