My Homeschool Expenses 2016-2017

I am in full planning mode for the new school year. There are many costs when it comes to homeschooling. Here is the break down of mine. I’ll share how much I spend on curriculum, school supplies and co-op expenses. (more…)

Saving Money on Homeschool Supplies with the Dollar Store

Buying homeschooling supplies can get costly. Just take a trip to your local teacher supply store and you’ll learn that basic supplies can be a bit over priced. You can find saving on many of these items from your local Dollar Store. By Dollar Store, I’m referring to stores where items cost 1 dollar or less. Here are the items worth purchasing at the Dollar Store and some to avoid. (more…)

Must Have Homeschooling Supplies

You don’t need a lot to get started, but here is my list of must have homeschooling supplies that will make the journey easier. (more…)