Homeschooling with a Toddler Isn’t for the Weak

We started a new homeschool year at the beginning of September. I had a schedule made up and the classroom organized. I had grand plans to stay organized and on track and accomplish it all in the morning hours. This would be doable, but this is my first year homeschooling with a toddler ( 18 months to be exact)  in the mix. I’ll let you see a snapshot of the first homeschool day this year, it wasn’t pretty. (more…)

My Homeschool Schedule- 1st and 3rd grade

This is my very loose schedule. School may not start at the same time each day. It depends on what time my kids wake up and we are all dressed. I would like to get started no later than 9:30. We will see how it goes. I will, however keep the order of school subjects the same for the most part.  It could take shorter or longer each day as well. This is especially true since I have a 17 month old toddler to entertain as well. With that being said, here is my schedule. (more…)

Read Aloud List -1st grade & 3rd grade

I am going to read at least one book a month aloud to my kids at the start of each day. While I read the kids can draw, play with magna-tiles, or legos. I think this helps ease my kids into the school day.  I then ask some follow up questions after I read a chapter or two. Here is my list for this school year. (more…)

My Homeschool Expenses 2016-2017

I am in full planning mode for the new school year. There are many costs when it comes to homeschooling. Here is the break down of mine. I’ll share how much I spend on curriculum, school supplies and co-op expenses. (more…)

5 Ways to keep learning in the summer without formally schooling

We are a homeschooling family that takes a summer break. I need a break from planning and the kids need a break for play. We don’t do any formal school work during the summer, but here are some things we do to learn. (more…)

Our Homeschool Year in Review

The start of our school year was a little more hectic than in years past. We started our school year in September but moved into a new house in October. For the first month we did school at the kitchen table because all of the packed boxes were stored in the room we used for a classroom. Also, at the beginning of the school year, the baby was 6 months old. My kids and I had to be really flexible this year with our schedule because you never know when the baby will need to nurse, nap, or just need attention. (more…)

5 Pitfalls to Avoid to Have a Successful Homeschool

Homeschooling much like life doesn’t come with a user manual. Many times we are learning what works by trial and error or even worse we compare ourselves to other homeschool families. This can lead to feeling inadequate or defeated. To help avoid these feelings, here are five solutions to common homeschooling pitfalls. (more…)

How to Reset When Your Homeschool Day Turns Ugly

When homeschooling you are going to have good days and bad days just like with anything else. When you have a day that you feel like a failure or your kids won’t listen or do their work, please don’t give up on homeschooling. Know that every single homeschooling parent has days like these. I have had to text daddy at work several different times because one of my kids was refusing to do what I asked them to do. Our kids are people like us and can be in bad moods just like adults can be. If your day starts going in a bad direction, here are some things to try and get it back on track. (more…)